Bulls and Heifers 

P BAR A UpToPrimetime

524 DDC

A super thick bull that has carcass genetics you can’t ignore. His dam comes from a bull once owned by P BAR A Angus that measured a 19.2-inch ribeye. He will be the one your packers will be calling you to brag about his offspring.

CED + 13 BW -1.1 WW +45 YW +82

P BAR A Predominant 521

An exciting young sire the combines UpToPrimetime 1264 and Connealy Consensus 7229 genetics. A powerhouse that packs the EPD’s

CED +14 BW -1.1 WW +56 YW +100

P BAR A UpToPrimetime 517

This late May born bull that is growing fast and is putting on the size and pounds. He is from a dam that continues to produce bulls with great eye appeal.

CED +8 BW +1.0 WW +47 YW +92

P BAR A Paramount 506

This bull combines the popular SAV Bismarck 5682 with the incredible UpToPrimetime 1264. Already on his way to possibly lead this group of the very best Angus bulls available in the southwest.

CED +13 BW -.9 WW +69 YW +119

 P BAR A UpToPrimetime 510

This bull is packed with EPD’s that are sought out by ranchers that want big growth cattle. He is UpToPrimetime son and over six Pathfinders on his dam’s side.

CED +8 BW +.4 WW +59 YW +110

P BAR A UpToPrimetime 532

A big stout son of UpToPrimetime 1264 that is deep in the rib and big topped. He has PAF Solid 19 on the dam side that set records at the Oklahoma Bull test.

CED +7 BW +1.3 WW +52 YW +95​

Available Bulls For Sale:

All bulls have been Genomic 50K tested for enhanced and added accuracy of EPD’s.

P BAR A UpToPrimetime 542

A big time bull that will add pounds to your calves.He is a long deep-framed bull that has E161 in his genetics. Recommended on cows.

CED +4 BW 2.7 WW +56 YW +102

P BAR A UpToPrimetime 564

This bull is double bred back to E161 with the power of Sitz Upward 307R on the sire. His dam has created the leading bull at P BAR A four times as well as the Bull sold to Genex.

CED +10 BW -.5 WW +50 YW +92​

P BAR A Elite 504

A young herd sire that will has all the wants of the cowboy. He is another awesome son of UpToPrimetime 1264 and has BR Midland and New Design 1407 on the bottom. He is putting on size and weight like we like them at P BAR A.
CED +8 BW +1.1 WW +62 YW +118