Connealy Consensus 7229

“7229” outcross pedigree makes him a highly attractive sire for many breeders who are looking for growth, carcass and saleable progeny.

P Bar A Up To Primetime 1264

“Primetime” offers exceptional performance with powerful phenotype and descends from E161, a man amongst boys.  Calving ease stacked with big time growth spread. 

CED +11 BW -.4 WW +70 YW

+128 $W +82.14 $B +149.59

SAV Bismarck 5682

“Bismarck” is a perennial breed-leading registration sire due to his calving ease, while siring both topping sons and daughters with beautiful udders, which herd owners are learning to appreciate.

CED +13  BW +0.0 WW +57  YW

+97 $W 75.98 $B +90.06

Herd SIres

Connealy Reflection

“Reflection in a widely proven proven calving ease and performance sire.

CED +11 BW +.6 WW +56 YW +101 $W 69.12 $B 141.39

Basin Excitement

“Excitement” offers a big spread, outcross and exceptional phenotype.

CED +12 BW -0.1 WW 72 YW +128 $W 76.19 $B +142.14

Sitz Upward 307

“Upward” Unsurpassed growth and maternal milk, both raking in the top 1% of the breed.

CED +5 BW 2.3 WW +70 YW

+133 $W +97.86 $B +170.10